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Tech4Solution, a medium organization in Bangladesh, has been operating Digital Forensics unit at House-71, Road-07 Sector-4 Uttara, Dhaka-1219. Providing quality System Digital Cyber integration for Bangladesh Forensics Depertments to the customer in order to obtain and enhance their satisfaction by fulfilling their present and future requirements. Tech4Solution is committed to obtain the above by meeting the requirements of interested parties, applicable laws, rules & regulations.
To ensure high reliability, Tech4Solution has designed and implemented a state-of-the-art, highly redundant & fail-safe architecture. This is akin to any bank's highly reliable infrastructure for core banking. Tech4Solutions believes that having a strong and reliable infrastructure of systems and network is paramount to the success of secured Solution.

We combined high performance and cutting-edge technology to deliver fast transaction time and extended turbine life. State-of-the-art design provides excellent customer visibility and reduces operator fatigue. The night locking mechanism simultaneously secures the customer unit and the teller station. Our Infrastructure Services are accelerating innovation to create more value for our clients. Collaborating with strategic partners, utilizing deep industry vertical expertise and delivering on a global scale. Our Service Management capabilities provide you with globally consistent, flexible, business aligned and integrated service management solutions.

Tech4Solution offers comprehensive foremsics services from conceptual design through start-up and operation. We approach each project with seamless processes that link engineering, procurement, fabrication, material management and programing. Our goal is to deliver safe, efficiently managed and cost-effective projects that meet client requirements. Our highly trained engineers are employed directly by us, have undergone rigorous security checks and carry ID cards at all times.

We are recognized for our expertise in a wide range of disciplines, Forensics & Information Technologies, Controls & Automation and Process Engineering.





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